Taylor Swift Is the Top-Earning Celebrity of 2016

You won’t believe how much T-Swift raked in.


If you follow the tabloids, you’d think Taylor Swift’s life was all relationship hopping, #squad rivalries, and Kanye bashing. In reality, she’s actually our most industrious pop star–and she’s got the earnings to prove it. 

Forbes just crowned T-Swift the highest-earning celebrity of 2016, calculating that she took home $170 million from June 2015 to June 2016. 

Swift made her mega-earning pop rivals look like paupers by comparison. She handily beat One Direction (No. 2 with $110 million), Adele (No. 9 with $80.5 million), Madonna (No. 12 with $76.5 million), Rihanna (No. 13 with $75 million), Beyoncé (No. 34 with $54 million), and Katy Perry (No. 63 with $41 million).


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Her ex boyfriend, DJ Calvin Harris (No. 21 with $63 million), and newly-minted rival Kim Kardashian (No. 42 with $51 million) must also face the sting of defeat. And funny, we didn’t catch Kanye West anywhere on the list

T-Swift owes her top spot to her wildly popular 1989 World Tour. It took home an average of $5 million per show for a grand total of a quarter of a billion dollars.


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The rest of the list, including the coveted top 10, had some surprises.

1. Taylor Swift: $170 million
2. One Direction: $110 million
3. James Patterson: $95 million
4. Dr. Phil McGraw: $88 million
5. Cristiano Ronaldo: $88 million
6. Kevin Hart: $87.5 million
7. Howard Stern: $85 million
8. Lionel Messi: $81.5 million
9. Adele: $80.5 million
10. Rush Limbaugh: $79 million

T-Swift is miles ahead of the rest, $60 million richer than the sum total of boy band One Direction. Though, she still trails last year’s winner, the currently retired boxing kingpin Floyd Mayweather, who brought home a truly insane $300 million.

We hope she and her sultry girl group take time off from snapping selfies to congratulate their fearless leader on her towering achievement.