Meet Legendary Tough-Guy Actor Telly Savalas’ Sexy Burlesque Dancer Daughter, Ariana

We love ya, baby!

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We’re just as surprised as you are. The late Telly Savalas, the legendary tough-guy actor best known for starring as a lollipop-sucking NYPD detective on the ’70s crime drama Kojak, has a 30-year-old daughter who performs in burlesque shows all around the world.

Her name is Ariana Savalas, and she was born in 1987 when her dad was a very impressive 64 years old. 

He passed away in 1994, but his legend lives on in his super sexy offspring (and in signed headshots in any Greek diner worth its souvlaki). Check out this clip of her putting her all into a recent performance.

Here’s a racy description of her dancing style from her website—hot!

When Ariana Savalas takes the stage, satisfaction is guaranteed – and she’s willing to pack as many entendres into that promise as you can take. With a voice fit for an elegant ballroom, a mouth better suited for the local dive bar, a mind completely at ease in the gutter outside, and a show that would make the Moulin Rouge…well, rouge, Savalas is a consummate show-woman with a take-no-prisoners (unless you’re into that sort of thing) attitude that might just make her this generation’s Bette Midler.

And if that’s not enough, Ariana also maintains a very flirty presence on Instagram. Just check out these recent snaps…

For those of you too young to know the legend that is her badass pop Telly—who also happens to be Jennifer Aniston‘s godfather and a believer in ghosts—watch him playing the hell out of his iconic role on Kojak.

Yeah, now you know where Vin Diesel gets his entire schtick.