Today In Gorgeous Model Girlfriends (And The Dopey Athletes They Date)

But mostly the gorgeous model girlfriends.

If the millions of dollars, widespread adoration, and opportunity for undying glory doesn’t already do it for you, the absolutely smoldering women that athletes are consistently making out/breaking up with will make you wish your father/coach/father-coach pushed you just a little bit harder in little league.

Hannah Davis has reportedly parted ways with legendary Yankee and occasional fat person Derek Jeter. According to sources, the split may have been caused by friction resulting from her sexy swimsuit photo shoots, which Derek could not have anticipated in advance – it’s not like he started dating a person who is exclusively famous for posing all sexy-like in a bikini.

Across town, Matt Harvey has reportedly split with Russian supermodel Anne V who – at age 27 – has graced the SI Swimsuit Issue nine years running. That’s nine years longer than we’ve stuck to anything in our lives (besides ordering double fried wontons from China Palace). The Russian beauty continues a proud tradition of people shitting all over the Mets.

In NFL news, Aaron Rodgers may not have won (or even come close) to the Super Bowl, but he’s still got some other achievements to celebrate. Namely, reconciling with actress/model/very pretty person Jessica Szohr. Congratulations, Aaron. You’ve proved once again that football is better than baseball.

Photos by Sergi Alexander/ Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014