Topless Scout Willis Walks the Streets of NYC, Buys Flowers

The 22-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore struts her stuff on the Lower East Side in protest of Instagram’s no-nipples policy.

Like Susan B. Anthony of the areola, Scout Willis took to New York City’s streets yesterday to wage war on outdated and oppressive ideas. Her cause: the nipple, and its relegation to the underworld by Instagram, which refuses to allow photos of the female variety (male nipples, even those on big old fat man breasts, are welcome). We applaud her courage.

Willis traipsed through the city streets in a flowery skirt and not much else to protest the photo service’s community guidelines, which, she pointed out, have nothing to say about guns or violence. Then she put the pictures on Twitter. “What @Instagram won’t let you see #FreeTheNipple” she wrote next to a picture of her walking by a black plastic bag on an empty Manhattan street. “Legal in NYC but not on Instagram,” she wrote next to another of her looking examining flowers at a newsstand.

Willis’ anger stems from an incident in which Instagram removed one her photos for exceeding its maximum number of female nipples, currently set at zero. It wasn’t even her nipple in the picture, but those of two random women on her sweatshirt. This kind of thing has happened before, with Instagram suspending Rihanna’s account after she posted a topless shot from a French magazine cover and deleting photos of Kendall Jenner‘s nipples from her account. Reports suggest this even happens to people who aren’t famous, and they don’t like it either.