Trick Shot Hottie Jem Wolfie Twerks In New Hoops Videos

Nothin' but net.
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Remember gifted Aussie babe Jem Wolfie? How the hell could you forget? Her combination of hotness and athletic skill are pretty much one-of-a-kind. 

We first got a look at Jem's stellar curves and stunning trick shot hoops videos back in November and after checking in again we're kicking ourselves for not keeping tabs. She's still bringing the heat on the court and in barely-there lingerie.

Jen could probably do pro women's basketball with her expert outside shots and overall skill, but she's a fitness model instead, and no one's complaining.

Don't think Jem's b-ball ability is some gimmick; in this interview she said she's played all her life and that her favorite player of all time is Michael Jordan.

Jordan would probably be pretty happy to hear that.

Check out more videos of Jen's curves and shots on display below.

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