These Twin Sisters Share More Than Just Looks —They Share a Boyfriend, Too

This guy is literally living the dream.

Just like all identical twins, Anna and Lucy DeCinque look alike. They share identical voices, similar mannerisms, and wear identical clothes. They even finish each other’s sentences. 


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Its a TWIN LIFE 󾍇󾍇

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But the most bizarre thing about this 30-year-old duo isn’t that they share the same appearance, but the same boyfriend — especially when they share him in a single king-size bed.

Anna and Lucy met Ben Byrne, 32, on Facebook and the trio has been dating for nearly four years. Making the duo happy requires twice the energy, especially in bed.

According to Byrne, it’s really not that weird: the sisters basically share the same brain, after all. “I know I have two girlfriends, but it feels like I’m only dating one because they’re just so similar,” Byrne told Woman’s Day.

It will shock no one to learn that the sisters are regular customers at a plastic surgeon office. Convinced that their bodies “must be the same,” they’ve already spent nearly $250,000 on cosmetic enchantments, from lip fillers and breast implants to fake eyebrows and eyelashes 

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“Our diet is identical. Our food has to be identical. The same glass of water we measure. The same size of chip packets we have to measure,” Lucy told SBS‘s Insight program. “If [Anna] walks a few meters, I need to walk a few meters because we have to burn the same calories.”

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The 30-year-olds have also vowed to get pregnant at the same time by undertaking in-vitro fertilization. We’re assuming this means with Byrne, but all bets are off with these two.

h/t Daily MailWoman’s Day.