UFC Women Latest Victims Of Hackers Leaking Private Nudes Online

Previous hacks targeted WWE Divas and ring girls.

Hackers participating in what's sometimes been called The Fappening 2.0 must be pretty confident they'll never be caught, because they've been making a point of going after women who could conceivably kick their asses. They've gone after WWE Divas, Ric Flair's daughter, and now MMA fighters such as Raquel Pennington, Tecia Torres, Jessamyn Duke and Angela Magana.

The Sun reports that these "alleged leaks range from nude selfies in bathrooms and toilets to naked pictures taken by others and not to be seen by the outside world." Angela Magana, a strawweight brawler with an 11-8 record, confirmed she knew about the stolen media with a post on Instagram. 

The Sun reported that Raquel Pennington—the fighter who defeated Miesha Tate just before Tate announced her retirement—was hit along with her girlfriend, strawweight standout Tecia Torres. 

Former UFC fighter Jessamyn Duke was reportedly hit the hardest. A bantamweight like her friend Ronda Rousey, Duke currently fights under the Invictus brand and streams her gameplay online in her spare time. The Sun stated Duke had "dozens" of private photos pulled and distributed. 

Magana has been forthright about the leaks and the measures she's taking to do something about them.

The original "Fappening" struck stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna—and it sent convicted hacker Ryan Collins to federal prison for 18 months

That could easily happen again, if the FBI is truly on the case. Probably a pretty good lesson there: Even if you can break through due to a celeb's poor password choices, all the fapping in the world isn't worth it when the guys from Quantico come knocking on your door.

h/t The Sun