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From the pages of Maxim Germany, it’s Hana Nitsche!

From the pages of Maxim Germany, it’s Hana Nitsche!

When the dust cleared and all the votes were tallied, 23-year-old wundergirl Hana Nitsche walked away as the second runner-up on Germany’s Next Top Model. Unwilling to rest on her beautiful laurels, the Czech-born beauty launched into ad campaigns for the likes of Levi’s, Polaris, Volvo, XOXO, and, oh yeah, a little-known underwear operation called Victoria’s Secret. God bless her work ethic! And, glory be her name, Hana told one interviewer that she not only models hot lingerie but lives in it as well, saying that no matter how ordinary the clothes

she’s wearing on the outside, what’s underneath is guaranteed to be hot and sexy. Truth be told, she could be wearing an adult diaper underneath and it would be hot and sexy. The figure-4 leg look made the photographer tap out (and by “tap out” we mean “leave his wife”).

Four Fun Facts About Germany

1. Every day 3,600 pounds of pigeon shit rain down on Berlin.

2. About 1.8 million gallons of beer are consumed during Oktoberfest in Munich, but only 1,800 toilets are available to reclaim the golden drink.

3. Nearly 400 condoms are used every minute in Germany.

4. Nobody knows Albert Einstein’s last words because the night nurse in Princeton could not speak German.