Underwater ‘Belfies’ In Glass-Walled Pools Are the Summer’s Cheekiest Instagram Trend

Butt seriously…


Today’s preference for bountiful backsides has made “belfies” (or butt selfies) the ultimate Instagram currency.

Just dropping one fire belfie is all an aspiring social-media bombshell needs to amass a loyal following of derrière-devoted disciples.


But the belfie has become downright pedestrian in the face of what the New York Post has described as “summer’s hottest Instagram trend.” 

Taking the belfie to incredible, previously unimaginable new heights, the lovely ladies of Instagram are now pressing their butt cheeks against the glass-walled pools of posh hotels in Miami, Dubai and more. 


The effect is sort of like when someone squishes their face against a glass door… only a whole lot cheekier.


The New York Post attributes the sudden craze to “hotels and beach clubs [starting] to build their pools with transparent sides.”


This has laid the foundation for environments wherein underwater belfies can truly thrive. 


Browse through some more of our favorite examples above.