This Lingerie Company Photoshopping the Nipples Off Its Models Is Nipple Censorship at Its Worst

Once you see this, you can’t unsee it.

It is with a heavy heart that I come to you today with more sad news about nipple censorship. Just a few days ago, I told the tale of the Modigliani painting whose subject had her nipples blurred in order to be fit for broadcast. And practically every week I have more news about Instagram censoring a celebrity’s topless shot. But this, dear reader, is a step beyond.

UTrend Fashion is a company that sells various sexy and revealing garments for women. I know this because the categories for attire on their site are: Lingerie, Hosiery, Accessories, Underwear, Swimwear, Costumes, Clubwear, and Sexy Clothing. Nothing business casual to see here, folks.

There’s no denying the outfits are hot — think thigh-high tights, barely-there underwear, and various tight bodysuits. But the latter is where we run into a problem; many of the bodysuits are completely sheer or have holes cut out for breast exposure. I mean, that’s not the problem itself — the problem is that UTrend decided to Photoshop the nipples off of the models. Take a look for yourself:

UTrend has many, many revealing photos, like this model posing in a pair of dental floss zipper underwear, but nope, it’s supposedly nipple exposure that’s too sexual. I get it — they likely want their items to be Facebook and Instagram friendly and blurring out a model’s nipples, even though the rest of her is totally exposed, is easily done with the click of the mouse. But it also goes a long way to pointing out the hypocrisy of nipple censorship.

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Gabriella Paiella