The ‘Vagina Dress’ Is The Risqué New Fashion Trend You Need To See

“Less is more” just got way more interesting.


(Photo: Reuters/Shutterstock)

There’s a sexy new fashion trend in Hollywood among many A-list celebrities: the vagina dress. No, it’s not a dress shaped like a vagina, although that exists, too.

Intended to show off every intimate tan line, the vagina dress, or more properly called the double slit dress, is a slinky piece of fabric that doesn’t exactly cover the crotch area of your favorite celebrities.

The first vagina dress was probably an accident like the first chocolate chip cookie, and likely happened when a designer ran out of fabric and was like, “That’s a huge slit, but whatever. Let’s just hope it’s not windy out.”

Notable examples of celebrities wearing a vagina dress include:

Kendall Jenner


Bella Hadid


Nina Agdal



And most recently, Giulia Salemi

I mean, there’s approximately two inches of fabric separating us from the full glory of her naughty bits. 

(David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock)

Hopefully you find this trend appealing, because we have a feeling the era of the vagina dress is just beginning. 

H/T: Elite Daily