This Sexy Former Miss Russia Is One of Vladimir Putin’s New Faves

We get it.

Vladamir Putin Victoria Lopyreva Promo
Photos: Getty Images

Vladimir Putin just gave a gorgeous blonde model named Victoria Lopyreva a sweet new gig. 

The stunning former Miss Russia has been appointed the official ambassador of the FIFA World Cup. Her home country hosts the annual soccer tournament this year.

Lopyreva’s staunch support of the recently re-elected Russian president certainly helped her get the job. 

Per Page Six,

Moscow sources say she wouldn’t have gotten the plum post without Putin’s say-so, and the TV presenter hasn’t been shy about her support for Putin.

Lopyreva urged her 1.8 million Instagram followers to vote on election day and then visited the vote monitoring office in Moscow.

“Today I saw how surveillance on Russia’s Presidential voting is run,” she posted. After Putin won another six-year term in a landslide, she wrote: “A new week, but a sense of stability for the next 6 years?”

Best to be on Putin’s good side, as the fates of those on his bad side have been historically bleak. 

Check out the hottest Instagram shots Lopyreva below.