Emily Ratajkowski Dancing Topless at a Photo Shoot Is the Hottest Thing You'll See Today

More please.

One thing is clear when you watch this video recently posted on the Sports Illustrated Instagram account: Emily Ratajkowski has fun at her job. Sure, the video is great to watch because she's charismatic and hot, but she's also having a good time, as is the crew shooting with her. 

This footage goes well with the Daily Mail's coverage published Sunday of Emrata and her boyfriend on a luxury getaway. Not so much the "luxury getaway" part—though it looks great—as the fact she's dating a regular guy. That might give other guys some hope, if they've ever considered dating a supermodel off the table.

The video from SI above is a pretty good complement to the one the mag posted on its Insta for Emrata's birthday. Emily looking amazing in a bikini is always good for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 150th viewings.

As is her Instagram, which she's been updating with casual shots while she chills on her birthday vacation. Check out a few pics—both old and new—below.

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