Watch This Mesmerizing Video Of A Busty Russian Popping Shirt Buttons With Her Massive Boobs

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

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Go ahead and admit it, you can’t look away. There is a reason this viral video of a woman destroying shirt fronts just by taking great big breaths is very popular right now. It’s strangely mesmerizing. 

This was made by a lovely and talented Russian woman named Samanta Lily, a.ka.a SexyLovelySam. Her Facebook page is pretty much devoted to one thing: the fact that she has, in her own words, gigantic breasts that are “No Silicone, No Photoshop, No Plastic Surgery. Just All Natural…”

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Honestly, we believe her. Sam does seem like she’s fun and laid back and sees that there’s some humor in this strange sort of internet fame. She’s pretty matter-of-fact in that video, noting that one top was just too easy. 

Here’s the thing: the video at the top may be popular now, but Sam has more, they don’t all involve making work for her local seamstress. See a couple of examples below.

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 If you’re stuck inside bored as snow pounds down outside, there are worse things to do than checking out Sam’s Facebook presence. 

Even if you’re not into absurdly large boobs, there’s something soothing in listening to her Russian accent and just sort of zoning out to her videos. 

h/t Barstool Sports