The Victoria's Secret Angels' Plane Ride to Paris Was the Sexiest Flight Ever

Seats in the upright position, please.
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The average person who boards a transatlantic flight worries about finding a position that's remotely close to comfortable and staving off the inevitable boredom of sitting in the same spot for hours on end.

But the Victoria's Secret Angels aren't anything like average, and, evidently, neither are their flights. Just look at how unbelievably excited they were to board their Paris-bound plane to this year's VS fashion show. 

And what's a gorgeous supermodel to do aboard a jet? Alessandra Ambrosio made her way to the cockpit and cozied-up next to the luckiest pilots of all-time:

And then she got a little sleepy. 

Meanwhile, Elsa Hosk and Stella Maxwell snapped this gem upon landing.

If they look this amazing in transit, we can only imagine how hot they'll look when they hit the runway on December 5th. And since Thanksgiving was just last week, let's take a moment to give some belated thanks for these stunning Instagram shots of this year's VS fashion show models:

h/t: Cosmopolitan