Watch Bella Hadid Make ’80s-Style Aerobics Smoking Hot Again

Move over, Richard Simmons.

United Kingdom-based Love Magazine starts the Christmas season off right each year with an Advent Calendar of gorgeous goodness. This year we were stoked to open up the first digital flap on said calendar and discover none other than Bella Hadid

Even better? The geniuses behind Bella’s video for Love went with a 1980s Aerobics video theme, complete with a Phil Collins song. 

The Victoria’s Secret model rocks a Jane Fonda-worthy leotard and leg warmers and in the process does a remarkable job of making that crazy era seem kind of sexy again. She even lights up at one point, because anyone who remembers the ’80s remembers how people like to smoke during their workouts. 

OK, very sexy. 

There are 24 models to go, so we can expect future videos from the likes of Karlie Kloss and Rita Ora

It’s good to know when watching this first, perfect clip, though, that Bella’s balancing her tobacco intake with something healthy, like that potassium-rich banana. 

Jane Fonda would approve.