Here's Miley Cyrus Letting Fans Grope Her In the Middle Of a Concert

You okay, Miley?
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No one who has been paying any attention at all in recent years will be surprised when Miley Cyrus gets freaky as hell. What is surprising is when one of her crazier onstage moments from 2014 gets kind of overlooked then pops up again, via BroBible.

Basically this is Miley in concert at the G.A.Y. nightclub in London, happily offering her ass and crotch up for a fun fan feel-up session. We don't know if Miley simply somehow felt safer with the assumption the handsy front row were all LGBTQ folks or if in more typical Miley fashion she just didn't give a shit. 

Is Miley a little more settled these days, with a TV gig and steady boyfriend? Let's check her Instagram and see.

Miley's still just as Miley as ever.

Never change, girl.

h/t BroBible

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