We Can’t Get Enough of Kristina Basham on Instagram

Caution: dangerous curves ahead.


In the wonderful world of Instagram bombshells, Kristina Basham stands out. Boasting more than 900,000 followers, the curvaceous beauty serves up endless selfies, sometimes in lingerie or a bikini but always with her mind-blowing figure on full display. And if you weren’t already sweet on her, consider that she also owns a candy company called LeVasseur Confectionary. 


From the looks of her selfie strategy, our girl clearly mastered the mirror pic of the Myspace era and then never let go. Hey, if it ain’t broke…


Here’s some more standout shots from her scorching Instagram account. These are some thirst traps we’d gladly fall into. 


For more of Kristina Basham, check her out on Model Mayhem or just follow her glorious Instagram account. You know you want to.