We Love Megyn Kelly, No Matter What Trump Says

The beautiful FOX News commentator comes under The Donald’s fire once again. 

He’s at it again. A month after the FOX News GOP debate in which the Republican front-runner and reality TV star threatened commentator Megyn Kelly for asking hard-hitting questions related to women and immigration, @realDonaldTrump is back to late night Internet trolling. In what feels like a high school style feud that will never end, Trump barraged the Twittersphere with jabs at both Kelly’s career and looks, noting at one point she’s “come back looking like Nancy Grace.”

Say what you may, Donald. We stand behind the beautiful and brilliant Megyn Kelly. 

Trump makes sure to use the term “unscheduled vacation,” alluding he had a hand in her time off. This is then followed by a relentless stream of hate entirely aimed at Kelly, ‘bimbo’ jokes included. 

What do you think? Has The Donald’s cyber bullying gone too far?

Photos by Photo by The Washington Post via Getty Images