We Wish Ex-Playboy Model Cristy Deweese Had Been Our Teacher

Sadly, she was fired for being awesome – just like these other teachers. Why wasn’t school this exciting when we were in it?

When news broke that Dallas-based Spanish teacher Cristy Nicole Deweese posed for Playboy before teaching high school students, all we could think about is how lucky her students are. Or should we say “were” – Cristy was fired due to claims that students were “distracted” by her past. Uhhhh, yeah, that’s one word for it. Here are a few other “teachers” we could all learn a few things from.

Carly Crunk Bear

When hiring a 23-year-old to teach minors, you also run the risk of having them act like 23-year-olds. So when Carly McKinney, lovingly referred to CarlyCrunkBear on Twitter, started posting pictures of “inappropriate behavior” all over social media, we were less than surprised. Unfortunately, school administrators disagreed, and fired her after receiving numerous complaints from parents. While students tried to get her back in the classroom with their “Free Crunk Bear” Twitter movement, she was never rehired. But we bet those first few months of math class were the best those kids ever had.

Christopher Michael Sheehan

When the principal of Nathanael Greene Middle School in Rhode Island won the “Providence Principal of the Year” award, special education assistant Christopher Sheehan had the perfect gift idea: a whopping pile of weed. While most would’ve been honored, school officials felt differently, and removed him from the school’s teaching roster. A drug-dealing teacher with zero fees? Looks like we found a new, um, friend.

Anonymous California Teacher

A Casa Roble High School teacher accidently showed pornographic photos to his class after hooking up his personal tech device to give a presentation. While he may have been relieved from his duties, we bet those kids retained more in that class than any other in their young lives. Bring on more educational entertainment, sir!

Photos by Twitter/CristyNicoleMDL