What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Amanda Lee

This beguiling fitness babe knows what she wants in a man, so pay attention.

Since we first laid eyes on the arresting Instagram account of Amanda Lee last year, we've found ourselves checking up on the L.A.-based beauty more than occasionally, if we're being honest.

Given her perfectly toned body and positively bodacious backside, it's obvious that the fitness trainer practices what she preaches. 

With shots like these, it's no wonder that she's attracted the attention of nearly 9 million Instagram followers. But the fitness phenom's activity isn't limited just to sweating it out in the gym and posting saucy pics. She's developed her own at-home "booty building' workout program, and even put out her own 2017 calendar. 

If you're thinking Amanda is the girl of your dreams, then listen up. Maxim recently caught up with the gorgeous fitness guru and asked about what she looks in a guy, her guiltiest pleasures, and what you should and shouldn't do in between the sheets. 

How can a man catch your attention?
I like when a guy dresses well and is confident. It's all about how you carry yourself. I especially notice when a guy has a good sneaker game! 

What's the worst pick-up line you've ever heard?
One time a guy left a note on my windshield that said "I saw your ass and really want to fuck you" with a phone number. I'm not kidding! I took a photo and posted it on my Facebook at the time.   

How do you let a man know you're interested?
I'm pretty subtle because I don't like to make the first move. I'm also really awkward and nerdy in person, so eye contact and a smile is as far as I go.   

Are you down with DMs?
It's 2017, so of course! It's totally fine and normal to DM. I get a few hundred per day, and I try to skim through all of them as best I can. If I see an image that doesn't look to be one of my pics, I don't open it for fear I may see something I can't un-see! 

Got any pointers?
Be sweet! Guys think I hear compliments all the time so they want to stand out and be aloof, but I don't like that.   

What's the secret to a sexy selfie?
I think having good lighting is the most important thing. But also just being in a good mood, so you look relaxed.   

What part of your body do you most like to show off?
I'm going to say my butt because I worked for it. A lot of effort in the gym went into that! I've always had a big booty but targeting it in the gym and changing how I ate helped it get bigger.   

What gets a better response from followers, boob pics or butt pics?
I don't think it is necessarily boobs versus butt, I think it just depends on which pic is better. Since I started out posting booty pics in workout clothes, those are what a lot of my followers first saw of me, but I've added a lot more variety of posts once my followers really started to grow.   

What is your ideal date?
My ideal date is a nice dinner because I'm a huge foodie. I love Italian food and sushi. I know what everyone is wondering, and no, I never go back to a guy's place or invite him in on the first date. I usually go to bed early as it is, and I like a gentlemen!   

When do you feel sexiest?
I feel sexiest when I'm at the gym. I think it's because that's where I'm really in my element. Also, it doesn't hurt that yoga pants and leggings are the most flattering to my body and make me feel sexiest.  

What's your favorite thing to do in the bedroom?
Ha—I'm going to keep that private. Actually, I'm going to go with cleaning the sheets...  

What should a man never do in the bedroom?
For me, there aren't any "don'ts." If you just go with the vibe and get into the moment, it usually works out pretty well.   

Any sexy fantasies?
Hmm... I've always really wanted to dress up and role play as a "furry", in like a bunny costume... Kidding!   

Lastly, what's your guiltiest pleasure?
My guiltiest pleasure is In-N-Out Burger. I'm thinking about it now and getting excited!  

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