What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Megan Massacre

The tattoo queen talks bad pickup lines, how to win her over, and the absolute best place for a guy to get inked.
Megan Massacre Promo

Tattoo artist Megan Massacre is much more than just the sexy former reality TV starlet from TLC's NY Ink.

Though the tattoo shop series was canceled in 2013, Massacre has been kicking ass ever since. She appeared as an expert artist in two seasons of TLC's tattoo cover-up show America's Worst Tattoos, and currently stars in the Australian Netflix series Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew. 

On top of all that, she's struck sultry poses for Inked magazine, worked with big-name clothing brands like Affliction, and opened a second tattoo studio in New York City through a partnership with Grit N Glory, a rock 'n roll lifestyle shop. Oh yeah, and she's also racked up more than 1.2 million Instagram followers. Not too shabby. 

For her latest project, Megan and other artists collaborated with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and Harley-Davidson to customize 22 bikes for the motorcycle brand's 115th anniversary. You can even win one by entering the Sailor Meets Harley sweepstakes here.

Maxim caught up with Megan to talk tattoos, what she finds sexy, and to hear a hilarious story about the time a certain '90s rocker tried to pick her up at an Apple Store. Listen up, people:

What's the worst thing someone can do when getting a tattoo?
Ha, move. A lot of people move all over the place and have no idea. If you're moving your hands in expressive conversation, or turning your head to talk to someone, even if your tattoo is on a whole different part of the body, you're moving your tattoo. 

Do your customers ever hit on you?
Not often, I think my customers come to me for a different kind of experience. They're more concerned about getting a quality tattoo. However, I do have one crazy story in particular. A few years back I tattooed a client that wanted a pretty interesting tattoo. It was a tattoo of a naked pin-up girl, on his stomach, placed in a way to look like she was peeking out of the top of his boxers and she also had the tattoo 'your mom' on her arm. I thought the tattoo was weird but funny.

After the tattoo, he told me the reason he got tattooed by me was so that he could ask me out. I politely declined, I had a boyfriend at the time anyway, but in my head I was like, “You're here because you want to ask me out and you thought I was the right person to do THAT tattoo?!" Doesn't exactly scream dating material. He subsequently had some friends of his lead some kind of troll attack on me on Facebook so I'm gonna say he wasn't very happy about it.

Sounds like a total psycho. Do you have a favorite tattoo that you've given someone? 
I don't have a favorite, I have lots of favorites. I put a lot into every tattoo I do to make it as awesome as I can. 

One I've done very recently was on a loyal customer of mine named Liela. She has these two tiny, cute chihuahuas that are service dogs to help her with anxiety. She brings them with her to every tattoo session, the two of them just chilling right next to her calmly and patiently comforting her. When she asked me to tattoo their dog portraits on her, I was stoked! 

Chihuahua Tattoo

I do a lot of tattoos of pets, but hers was extra special because I've also spent so much time with her pups.

Very cool. So which of your own tattoos is your favorite?
I have a few favorites, it changes from time to time. I think right now my favorite is my sacred heart tattooed on my left hand by my friend, artist Tim Hendricks. It was extra special for me because I had wanted both a sacred heart tattoo and a tattoo from Tim for years. Unbeknownst to me we both happened to be working at a tattoo convention back in my small hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania, so I jumped on this special opportunity!

Where's the sexiest place for a guy to get inked?
I think my favorite placement for a guy is when they have a full front torso tattoo that's neck to stomach.

How can a guy catch your attention?
I usually like guys who are ambitious and passionate when it comes to their careers. Also creative, and little eccentric.

What's the worst pick-up line you've ever heard?
Years ago, when I was buying a new iPhone one time, the guy selling me the phone was hitting on me. He was telling me this was just his side job while he was off tour, so he could get the discount. I asked what band he was in and he replied, "A little band called Marcy Playground, I'm sure you've heard of it. I play bass and produce."

He then handed me his business card as a realtor (also a side job) and asked me to give him a call sometime. My friend who was accompanying me proceeded to Wikipedia this guy while we were talking and my friend blew up his spot saying that it claimed online he subbed in for bass one time at one show. 

He got so flustered, he accidentally sold me the wrong phone. He told me I had to come back the next day to return it because there was some 24 hour policy on returns. I then called for the manager, who then made him purchase my new phone, and deal with the return the next day.

How do you let a guy know you're interested?
Ha, I don't usually! 

What part of your body do you most like to show off?
My brain ;)

What's your ideal date?
One that shows that the guy has paid attention and remembers things you said you liked, and surprises you with those things. 

What's your guiltiest pleasure?
Probably the amount of childlike foods I still like to eat, like Spaghettios and Gushers.


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