What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Alexis Ren

“I’ve just started to explore my sexuality in ways I didn’t think I was capable of doing.”


(Photo: REN Active)

Alexis Ren, Maxim’s August cover girl, is a rarity among the Instagram bombshell set: she refuses to push sponsored content (#ad)… lest it’s her own merch, of course.

The 20-year-old Southern California siren, whose stunning gym-honed physique has earned her over 10 million Instagram followers, just debuted her own namesake sportswear line: REN Active.

“The idea of being a designer is always something that has intrigued me,” the influencer turned entrepreneur told us. “I love creating art whether it’s with photos, my own body, or clothes.”


She designed her line for “the girl that’s finding herself, experiencing life and not afraid to make a mark for herself in this world,” not unlike Ren herself.

So it makes sense she’d want shoppers to look as sexy as she does: “I focused it around being sexy, fresh and desirable. It accentuates a girl’s best curves.”

Before her fledgling apparel company becomes an all-out empire (and we officially never stand a chance), Maxim caught up with Alexis Ren for some dating and sex pointers. She told us all about her ideal first date, how to slide into her DMs and what she looks for in a man.


You’re one of the most popular Maxim cover girls in years. How does it feel?
Surreal. I’m grateful to be the first from social media to make it on their cover. It’s always controversial when influencers dip their toes into fashion. I love it; I can’t wait to do more.


Neither can we. Which Instagram post of yours has received the most attention?
The photo of me posted at a Spanish super market has been my most liked. It was a funny, real moment, and I think that’s why people responded best to it. 


​Which piece in your collection do you feel sexiest in?
The tiger eye one piece.


How do you stay in such killer shape? Do you have a favorite exercise?
Active lifestyle is my favorite way. I was a ballet dancer for 10 years so whether it’s going on hikes, skateboarding, surfing… I love to keep moving.


After all those workouts, is there a part of your body you are most proud of?
I’m proud of how strong and capable my body is.


You’re pretty much the queen of Instagram. What is the secret to a sexy selfie?
Confidence. It’s all in the eyes.


Do a lot of guys slide into your DMs? Any successfully?
Tons! Lots of dick pictures to be honest…I ignore most.


That’s terrible. But since we’re on the subject, have you got any good DM-sliding tips?
No pick-up lines, please.


Describe your ideal date.
It’s not a location or activity. For me it’s about what you’re bringing to the table intellectually. I want to know your beliefs, ideas, inspirations… what makes you tick.


Where is the most romantic place you’ve travelled to?


What do you look for in a man, personality-wise and physically?
I like mixed. Opposites attract. I also like that “I don’t give a fuck, thats my baby girl!” attitude. I love being challenged, goofing off and lots of passion.


When do you feel sexiest?
At the beach while the person I’m into is watching me…


Who’s your biggest girl crush?
Megan Fox…


Nice. What is a wild fact about you that no one knows?​
I’ve just started to explore my sexuality in ways I didn’t think I was capable of doing, and I’m excited for where it’s taking me.


Shop from the sexy new REN Active line for your girl here.