What A Beautiful Woman Wants: Allison Mason

“Just introduce yourself and have confidence.”

Allison Mason has firmly established herself as a star in the ultra-competitive modeling industry. The Scottsdale, Arizona-raised stunner has posed for the likes of Guess, Sketchers and Vogue Portugal in international shoots spanning Ibiza, Sydney, Milan and Mykonos. But Mason still finds time for her pre-med studies at the University of Southern California and volunteer service trips to at-risk counties in Central America and the Caribbean. Read on to get acquainted with Mason’s favorite travel destination, dream date, guiltiest pleasure, and more: 


How can someone catch your attention?

Some serious eye contact, confidence, a nice smile and humor.

What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

I don’t recall hearing a good pick-up line. Just introduce yourself and have confidence.

Tell us about your dream date.

A day of scuba diving followed by margaritas on the deck. I’ve been obsessed with diving since i was little. But realistically, somewhere with a nice atmosphere that’s easy to connect without too many distractions. Really just something simple like drinks, live music, or something fun to actually go do.

What’s on your fave music playlist?

I’ve had a lot of R&B on shuffle lately. I love H.E.R., Summer Walker, The Weeknd and Miguel. But I’m a HUGE throwback girl (90s rap or pop) and usually just throw on my old favorites.


Do you have a favorite athlete or sports team?

I grew up playing competitive soccer and love watching soccer. Always for Real Madrid. Also, the Lakers,

What fashion brands do you like to rock?

I love Jacquemus right now. I spend a lot of time in my quality basics with jeans or a cute set from For Love and Lemons, Levi’s, etc.

What’s your absolute favorite meal?

Burrata with prosciutto, fig, pistachio, and baked bread with a balsamic glaze (with my Bolognese as a pregrame). And tacos, always.

Favorite travel destination?

That’s a hard one. Anywhere with beautiful water. I spent one week living on a boat and diving in the Great Barrier Reef this past May, which had been a lifelong dream of mine. I also fell in love with the culture and beauty of Ibiza and Greece when I explored the little towns and hidden beaches. I also have a sweet spot for Sydney.
Venice and Cinque Terre were also so dreamy. I love picking a city to enjoy alone for a few days and detox.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Hot tubbing with a giant pint of ice cream and wine.