What a Beautiful Woman Wants: Ashley Haas

“I’ve always had a fantasy of having sexy time in an empty football stadium.”

Don’ let Ashley Haas’ blindingly beautiful features and stacked modeling portfolio fool you—the south Jersey-raised stunner definitely has a self-described “tomboy” side. 

Yes, Haas boasts 200,000 Instagram followers and has posed in campaigns for venerable fashion designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, and Tom Ford, as well as lingerie behemoth Victoria’s Secret


But any guy who’s lucky enough to score a night out with Haas won’t need to book a table at a swanky restaurant—her idea of a dream date goes down at a sports bar over pizza and beer. They’d also better be able to talk sports, because Haas is an NFL die-hard who even hosts her own week-by-week prediction show on YouTube

Read on to learn more about her badass first concert, sportscaster crush, football-themed sexy fantasy and more:


How can a man catch your attention?

I really love funny guys, so a good sense of humor and confidence will catch my eye. My dream man is a cross between Ryan Reynolds and Charlie Day from the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Unexpected, right?!

What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

Oh, so many to even count! I don’t like when guys use mean pickup lines thinking insults make girls like them more. Just a simple “You’re beautiful, what’s your name?” is the best pick up line.

How do you let a man know you’re interested?

I don’t! I’m really shy believe it or not! I’m also old-school and believe the man should make the first move.

Tell us about your dream date. 

My dream date would be either pasta in Italy or pizza and beer at a sports bar. I’m both girly and a tomboy, but when it comes to food, you can’t beat the basics. I’ve never had a fancy palate, so a date with carbs is my kind of date!

What about a man turns you on the most?

Good question! When they only focus on you. When they look at you and it’s like you’re the only girl in the room.

When do you feel sexiest?

I feel the sexiest in a pair of ripped up jeans, a crop top, and heels.

Who’s your biggest celebrity crush, male or female?

I have a girl crush on Erin Andrews. I think she’s so beautiful, and I respect her so much for her hard work ethic. She really paved the way for women in sports broadcasting.


What’s on your favorite music playlist?

I love listening to oldies and rock and roll. That’s always playing on most of my photoshoot sets. Eric Clapton was the first concert I ever saw.

Do you have a favorite athlete or sports team?

I have so many favorite athletes as I’m a sport enthusiast and I have an NFL prediction show! My favorite football team is the Eagles, but I have favorite players from all different teams. I love watching these young third-string players getting a chance to prove to everyone that they are just as talented, if not more. I love an underdog!

What fashion brands do you like to rock? 

I love to find cool vintage pieces. I’m always shopping at thrift stores because I never know what I’m going to find and its recycled, so I don’t feel like I’m contributing to fast fashion.

What’s your absolute favorite food?

I really love churros, because you usually find them at theme parks, and I secretly love roller coaster rides and theme parks. Also, ice cream cake. I can probably eat an entire Carvel cake by myself.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the bedroom?

It may be too PG, but I really do like to cuddle up and watch a good movie with a partner.

And what should a man never do in the bedroom?

Hm… I don’t think there’s anything he shouldn’t do! I don’t want to limit people. But maybe wearing girl’s underwear. That’s a definite no from me.

Ha! Do you Have any sexy fantasies?

I’ve always had a fantasy of having sexy time in an empty football stadium. Shh…don’t tell my parents.

Lastly, what’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Every morning I wake up, make a cup of coffee, and watch Good Morning Football on NFL network. On Sundays, I usually watch about ten hours of football. I always feel so bad for guys I date who aren’t into sports.


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