What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Blair Sinnott

“Don’t just make love to my body, make love to my mind.”

Stunning blonde model Blair Sinnott is on the rise. When she’s not jetting between New York and LA, her budding catwalk career takes her to all corners of the globe—from Paris and Hamburg to Morocco and Abu Dhabi.

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Maxim recently caught up with Blair between photo shoots to find out how to catch her attention, how to nail that first date, and how to not blow it in the bedroom. 

What turns you on?
A hairy chest that’s not too hairy, a head of hair that’s good for running my fingers through but not too long, and nice hands. I love a man with nice hands.

What turns you off?
Smelly or greasy hair, no style, overweight from no physical activity, and dirty, unkempt fingernails


You’re a stickler about hands, huh? What are some other red flags?
Obsessive compulsives, perfectionists, worry warts, and low self-esteem

No chill. How can a man catch your attention?
I give a man my attention when I feel like he’s not just trying to hit on me—when he’s communicating more than just “I think you’re hot.”

I guess we gotta work a bit harder. What’s your ideal date?
Skydiving! Or something that really gets my adrenaline going.

We can think of a few things. What should a man never do on a date?
A man should never expect anything on a date. There’s a quote: it goes something like, “Expectations lead to disappointments.”

Is there such a thing as too much foreplay?
I mean, we’re all in it for the climax but you gotta drum up to the beat somehow. But yes, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

Got it. What’s your favorite thing for a man to do in the bedroom?
Speak and talk dirty. I love noises. I like to hear how good you’re feeling and why.

Wild. What should a man never do in the bedroom?
A man should never divert his attention away for me or my body. All eyes on me.

Won’t be a problem. Any last advice?
Don’t just make love to my body; make love to my mind. It’s far more powerful… and effective.

For more of this blonde beauty, check out her portfolio with Vision or follow her on Instagram. You know you want to.