What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Kelly Thomas

“There is NEVER too much foreplay.”


New York-based stunner Kelly Thomas is a model to watch. When she’s not showing off her flawless 5’10” physique for the likes of Shape magazine, she’s heating up Instagram with endless bikini shots. Guess that explains her nearly 60,000 followers…

Maxim recently caught up with this beguiling blonde between photo shoots to find out how to hold her attention, how to not blow that first date, and how to close the deal between the sheets. Listen up, people.

How can a guy catch your attention?
A sense of humor is key. If you can make me laugh, you’ve got the key to my heart.


That’s all? Anything else?
Nice eyes, nice smile, tall, defined arms, and good abs never hurt–a guy that takes care of himself and his body. And the weirdest one… nice hands.


How about personality?
A big heart, smart, passionate, career-driven, and good at communicating. I need a guy that can make me feel special. I’m a helpless romantic at heart.


Any deal breakers?
Bad breath or bad teeth! Yuck! And no smokers…


What’s your ideal date?
Something active or adventurous, like a bike ride or long hike. And I’d never say no to a beach day.


How can a guy screw up a date?
A guy should never take me to a fast-food restaurant or chain. I’m a foodie. My favorite hobby is to eat!


Ours too. When do you feel sexiest?
When I am being myself and being goofy. Or after a good, sweaty workout…


Speaking of exercise, is there such a thing as too much foreplay?
There is never too much foreplay! The anticipation and lead up will make it that much hotter.


We feel you on that. What’s your favorite thing for a man to do in the bedroom?
Take control.


Nice. Lastly, what should a man never do in the bedroom?
Listen up, guys! In the bedroom, you should never be more into the TV or your phone than me!


For more of the gorgeous Kelly Thomas, check out her portfolio on Wilhelmina or just follow her on Instagram. You know you want to.