What a Beautiful Woman Wants: Sophie Tweed-Simmons

The quadruple threat (and daughter of Gene Simmons) talks sexual fantasies, foreplay, and her new television show.

There’s no doubt about it — Sophie Tweed-Simmons is a force to be reckoned with. While currently working as a model, actress, designer and philanthropist, the beautiful and talented Jill-of-all-trades still makes time to play the field. To our pleasure, Sophie took a break from her incredibly busy day to have a sexy chat with Maxim TV, and she held nothing back. 


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The Maxim Men want to know, what’s the best way to get your attention?

Talk to me. If I smiled at you, I want to talk to you. Keeping the attention is the hard part. For men and women. 

So, how do we keep your attention?

Women want to be made to feel special, so work on some cute stuff. As cheesy as it is, we like it. Go old school. 

We can dig it. What turns you on about a man the most?

It turns me on to know a man is proud to be with me. It’s a nice confidence boost when a man shows me off or brags about me. 

We would definitely be proud to have you on our arm. So, when and wearing what makes you feel the most sexy?

I feel the most sexy when I’m bare-faced at home in a man’s shirt and boxers. 

We’re buying new boxers immediately after this chat. What would your ideal date be like?

Ideal date is eating…anything good involves eating. 

You’re our kind of girl. How about beard or no beard? Are you into the lumbersexual thing?

Beard or no beard, doesn’t matter to me, but yep — down for a lumberjack. Especially if you’re good with wood. #BadJokes 

Speaking of wood, what’s your favorite part of a man’s body?

Good hands and a strong back… but if we’re being honest…where’s that eggplant emoji?

We’re definitely taking notes. Does the idea of public sex appeal to you?

Absolutely! It’s so sneaky and naughty. I think it’s completely immoral and I’m all for it. Just don’t scar and kids. (Sorry, Mom).

#SorryMom.  So, any secret, sexy fantasies?

Something involving a rollercoaster or a jet. I’m a thrill seeker. 

The mile-high club is one of our favorites. What about BDSM? Are there 50 shades of Sophie?

It’s very intriguing. As long as there’s no actual beating, I’m in. I’m an athlete, we play rough. I also think “50 Shades of Sophie” would make a great sequel. 

We’d watch it! Is there such thing as too much foreplay?

Yep, it’s called spit. You already throw so much bodily fluid at us, let’s not jump the gun and drool in the opening number. Just keep it neat in the beginning. It gets cold and weird otherwise…

Writing that down. What about one night stands? Any advantages? 

If you don’t want a relationship, the advantage is that you get sex and possibly a new friend. If you’re like me, there’s no advantage. 

How was seeing yourself on TV last night with the premier of “Shannon & Sophie?”

It was filmed over a year ago and is just now airing, so I feel like I’m a different person now, but fun to watch for sure!

Awesome. Finally, what can we expect next from Sophie Tweed-Simmons? Any other projects in the works?

Work with my charity, Centre for Child Development, new music, new show, a book on positive body image, and a clothing collaboration with The Style Club LA