What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Eden Rambo

“I dream of finding a guy who can give me some ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ action.”

Looking at Eden Rambo’s absolutely stunning modeling portfolio, you’d never guess that she’s only been in the biz for just two years. 

The former Maxim Cover Girl competition contestant lives in her hometown of Bakersfield, California, but she’ll soon make the move to the modeling epicenter of Los Angeles. 

By diligently curating a fiery Instagram feed, she’s caught the eye of photographers from the Black Tape Project and EATS creator Chris Applebaum. With the latter, she notably transformed into a very bad Easter bunny. 

“Out of everything, my sexiest and most fun shoot was when I got to work with the one and only Chris Applebaum,” she tells Maxim. 


“I got to dress up as the Easter Bunny and messily eat a basket of goodies, including the famous Cadbury Creme Egg.”

If you’ve already got a sweet tooth for Rambo, read on to learn what makes her tick. 


How can a man catch your attention?

When a man smells good it instantly sparks my interest. A lack of eye contact is also a deal breaker for me. I don’t like shy guys. Make eye contact while I’m talking to you, otherwise I’ll think you’re not interested or too shy for my taste. I want a guy that won’t take his eyes off me, if you get what I mean.

We hear you loud and clear. What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

I’ve heard so many, and they are all cringey. If you’re trying to ask me out, shoot your shot and just be straightforward.


Noted! How do you let a man know you’re interested?

If I’m into you it’s pretty obvious—I don’t play games. But if I ask to see you again without you having to ask first, that’s the giveaway.

What’s your ideal date?

I love formal dates where I can dress up nice, get picked up in his car, and taken out to a nice dinner. Food is the way to my soul.


Good to know. What about a man turns you on the most?

Muscles for sure! Nothing is better than being cuddled by a guy with big arms.

When do you feel sexiest?

Honestly, right after getting my hair and makeup done when I’m all glammed up. I’m decent at hair and makeup, but when professionals do it I feel confidence on a whole different level.


How do you snap a sexy selfie?

It’s all about the angles! Everyone has a “good side,” and mine happens to be my right side. So that paired with good lighting and boom, picture perfect.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the bedroom?

Cuddle for sure, I could lay in bed with you all day watching movies and be the happiest girl on earth.


What should a man never do in the bedroom?

Snore. Nothing is more aggravating than trying to get some rest and being kept awake. Anyone that I sleep next to that snores will get woken up from a nudge of annoyance.

Same. Any sexy fantasies?

I dream of finding a guy who can give me some Fifty Shades of Grey action. The usual same old same old can get boring, I wanna spice it up a little.


What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Spicy chips, I crave them all the time. Even though they aren’t healthy, my heart can’t resist the chile limon! And to be honest I literally just ate some… you could say I’m addicted.


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