What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Jamie Leigh Thornton

“Don’t start a DM with ‘Dannnnng girl you got a nice rack.'”

Jamie Leigh Thorton

(Photo: Hype PR Now)

Jamie Leigh Thornton, a busty beauty from Kentucky, definitely got lucky.

“I began modeling a little less than a year ago,” she told Maxim of her rise to 130,000 Instagram followers.

“I moved from Kentucky and flew to L.A. on one of the many spontaneous whims I have every day and decided to wing it and see what happens,” she added. “Luckily, it’s been one of the greatest experiences of my life!”

Jamie Leigh has since shot for Maxim South Africa and been featured by Sports Illustrated. All the Insta-fame and fanfare is coming to her at just the tender age of 22.

We caught up with the brunette bombshell to find out what catches her attention, the worst pick-up line she’s ever heard, her DM-sliding tips and what to never do in the bedroom. 


How can a man catch your attention?
A man can catch my attention by how well-dressed he is. Something about a man’s swagger and the way he carries himself is what stands out to me.

What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
I actually just got this DM the other day, and I died laughing: “You’re the type of girl I’d break bread on while on the way to meet my family.” Now, if someone reading this wants to explain to me what that means let me know because I was at a loss for words.


Beats us. How do you let a man know you’re interested?
I’m pretty extraverted so I’ll go up and flirt with a guy if I am interested or casually and super conveniently ask him to get a drink when his is empty so we can talk.

We like your style. Has anyone ever successfully slid into your DMs?
Yes, actually a couple of times, but you’ve got to be super clever.


Got any DM-sliding tips?
Don’t start a DM with “Dannnnng girl you got a nice rack,” which happens to be 90 percent of my followers’ DM routine. Be funny, make a joke and make her laugh.

What’s the secret to a sexy selfie?
Lighting is everything.


What part of your body do you most like to show off?
My face and my curves. My body type is different so I like to embrace that.

What gets a better response from your followers, boob pics or butt pics?
Boobs, of course. Since I’m all natural it’s hard to find girls with my size that are all real so that triggers a good response from my followers.


What’s your ideal date?
My ideal date would be something outdoors or traveling, that includes a lot of food (mostly carbs) and mass amounts of wine or Don Julio 1942. 

We can dig it. What turns you on?
I’m a sucker for the tall, dark and handsome type of guys as well as how active and crazy they are. I’m super spontaneous so my guy has to have the same demeanor. 


When do you feel sexiest?
I feel sexiest when I buy new lingerie. I love lingerie. I wish women could wear it every day in public.

So do we. What should a man never do in the bedroom?
A man should never be too aggressive with his girl. Make her feel special!


Got it. Any sexy fantasies?
The mile high club has always been on my bucket list.

Ours too. Lastly, what’s your guiltiest pleasure?
This is going to sound weird but fried rice. Judge me, but if you like fried rice you know where I’m coming from.


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