What a Beautiful Woman Wants: Kristin Linkletter

“There’s just something about moving sensually with music that makes me feel free and confident.”

Environmentally-conscious model Kristin Linkletter recently walked the runway at Eco Fashion Week in London for Prophetik—a sustainable fashion line that’s regularly worn by musicians like Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Learn more about Linkletter’s dream date, biggest celebrity crush and more below: 


How can someone catch your attention?

Someone can get my attention by talking about art or mentioning sushi.

What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

The worst pickup line I’ve ever heard is, “I lost my teddy bear, will you sleep with me instead?” 

How do you let someone know you’re interested?

I usually let someone know I’m interested by being playful with my sarcasm.

Tell us about your dream date.

My dream date would be staying at a cabin somewhere intimate and quiet where we can see the Northern Lights! 


What turns you on the most?

My biggest turn-ons are a nice smile, and someone who can match my sarcasm and sass. 

When do you feel sexiest?

I feel sexiest when I’m dancing alone. There’s just something about moving sensually with music that makes me feel free and confident. 

Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

My biggest celebrity crush is probably Megan Fox, Niykee Heaton, or Matty Smokes.

What’s on your fave music playlist?

My favorite playlist is such a good representation of all my moods. I love everything from Khalid and Billie Eilish to Shoreline Mafia. 

Do you have a favorite athlete or sports team?

I grew up going to Vancouver Canucks games with my family, so the hockey team will always have a special place in my heart. 


What fashion brands do you like to rock?

My wardrobe is a little all over the place with different pieces I’ve fallen in love with. Some of my favorite pieces were created by Tsuwoop and Fxxking Rabbits.

What’s your absolute favorite meal?

My favorite meal is always sushi. Specifically, yam and avocado rolls.

Favorite travel destination?

Bali. I’ve been so many times over the years and each time has had such an impact on my life. 

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