What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Marija Shatilo

The rising Lithuanian model on how to win any woman over.


We may not know much about Lithuania, but one look at Marija Shatilo makes us immediately appreciate the stunning model’s Eastern European homeland.

Splitting her time between New York and Los Angeles, Shatilo has already modeled for major fashion brands like GUESS, and it looks like the sky’s the limit for this leggy swimsuit stunner.

Maxim recently chatted with Marija between bikini photo shoots about what turns her on, what kills the vibe, and what you should never do in bed.

What’s the best way for a man to get your attention?
He has to be smart enough to not try to sleep with me the first time we meet. I’ll lose interest in him right away. It has to be a little bit more of a game to be exciting.


What turns you on the most?
I always notice a man’s shoulders and arms. He has to be stronger than me! Also, the way a man walks or just stands… if it shows confidence, I find it very sexy.


Hey, we’re working on it. What about personality?
I always tend to notice how polite a man is–not only with me but also with people around him. Being classy and well-mannered will always catch my attention.


What are some major turn-offs?
Being close-minded, lazy, self-centered, or rude. Those kinds of men won’t get even a minute of my attention.


You don’t mess around. What’s your ideal date?
Random and unplanned–just spontaneous. If it’s good to spend time together, it doesn’t have to be anything special. It’s all about communication and how comfortable we feel with each other.


Do you like to be surprised?
I won’t lie. I like surprises. If a man can take initiative and organize a fun or even crazy date, I would love that!


Good to know. What should a man never do on a date?
Talk about how much money he has or what he owns. That’s not something I want to know right away. However hot or sexy he is, it would turn me off in every way.


That’s the worst. What can a guy do to make you feel sexy?
When a man is right by your side and tells you how beautiful you are when you’re natural without makeup–in the morning, for example.


Lastly, what should a man never do in the bedroom?
Be selfish. I hate that! Both sides have to be engaged, trying more for the other person that for themselves. Then it works.


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