What a Beautiful Woman Wants: Marisa Papen

“I feel most comfortable when I’m doing something I’m passionate about and truly living in the moment.”

Marisa Papen is drawing attention to the dangers of climate change in a truly ingenious way: by tastefully posing au naturel among Icelandic nature for her 2020 calendar. 

Previously, the Belgian beauty has gotten into hot water for some of her erotic shots. She was arrested and blacklisted in Egypt for posing nude in front of the pyramids, blasted by religious leaders for her scandalous photo shoot near the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and asked to leave town after posing naked in Istanbul and Cappadocia. Fortunately, the exotic wildlife featured in her latest steamy series doesn’t seem to mind her clothes-free presence. 

Marisa Papen

“The series only came together months after I returned from Iceland,” Papen tells Maxim.com. “I kept revisiting all the photographs we took, and for some reason most of the images I selected were the ones where I was hiding my face.”

For her latest environmentally-minded calendar, Papen elected to produce just 100 examples. All full-size copies are already sold out, but you can reach out via her Patreon account for a chance to cop one of a select number of 3/4-size copies reserved for true fans, friends and family. After viewing the gallery above, which features select photos from multiple calendar years, read on to learn about Papen’s biggest turn-on, favorite travel destination and more:

Christien Vizl

How can someone catch your attention?

Probably with an amazing project proposal or an intriguing story.

What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

All pick-up lines are terrible in my opinion. How do they ever even work?!

How do you let someone know you’re interested?

Eye contact. I’m not that good in the dating game, maybe I choose not to be.
Everything can start with a good conversation.

Tell us about your dream date.

A hike to a secluded waterfall or a day by the ocean, sipping coconuts, and jumping in the waves. I enjoy the simple things in life.

What turns you on the most?

If you live your life out of the ordinary.

Marisa Papen

When do you feel sexiest?

I can choose to feel sexy at anytime, but the word sexy doesn’t really speak to me that much. I feel most comfortable when I’m doing something I’m passionate about and truly living in the moment.

Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

I’ve had some encounters, some of them are slight let-downs, ha. You can almost never tell who the real person is behind this big facade, Everyone has their dark side, so no huge celebrity crushes for me.

Marisa Papen

What’s on your fave music playlist?

It varies a lot, many times I start listening to local music of the country I’m about to visit.

What fashion brands do you like to rock?

Ha, I’m wrong person to ask this question! My own skin, always and forever.

What’s your absolute favorite food or meal?

Everything I’ve cooked myself, cuisines from all over the world, usually with a lot of spices and herbs. And fruits and veggies galore!

Favorite travel destination?


What’s your guiltiest pleasure?


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