What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Nina Daniele

“If we vibe, we vibe.”

Nina Daniele knows how to work it for the camera. 

The NYC-bred beauty just made the move from her home borough of the Bronx to LA, but she’s been a formidable force in the modeling industry for nearly a decade. 


You may recognize Daniele as Victoria’s Secret Pink line, her spreads in Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire, or her most prominent feature as Playboy’s 2018 Playmate of the Year.  


It’s hard to believe she almost enrolled in graduate school to become a 11th-grade teacher. Read on to learn more fascinating details about Daniele. 


We hear that you’re a UFC fan. Who are your favorite fighters?

I’m a huge UFC and boxing fan. My favorite UFC fighter is Nate Diaz. “I’m not surprised, motherfuckers!” Also, I like Cris Cyborg because she’s a bad bitch.

Agreed! How can a man catch your attention?

Just be a stand up guy, don’t hold on too long if we hug hello, check your body language and don’t lick your lips when we’re talking (that’s creepy AF). 

I mean the list goes on, but I’d want that to apply to myself as well in someone who is looking for a partner! Treat me like one of your friends and let me get to know you first. I like good conversation, I don’t care about who you know, what car you drive, but you gotta make me laugh or it’s a no from me. 


What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

I think I hold the record for creepiest pick up lines. I had one dude ask if he could drink my bath water, another dude asked if he could give me a dollar. Once, a man offered me a cow. 

Those are straight-up weird! How do you let a man know you’re interested?

I let my man know that I was interested by asking for his phone number—I’m a pretty direct person. I don’t like playing games and I don’t like wasting my time!


What’s your ideal date?

I don’t like premeditated lists. I like things to be organic… we gotta eat, though! It’s not about where we go or what we do. If we vibe, we vibe. We could be walking through the city for hours just talking and losing track of time. If we could do that, and I’m interested and don’t want the night to end, then I want to see you again!

Makes sense. What about a man turns you on the most?

His confidence. Period. If I can feel you’re a confident person in the way you speak and hold yourself then I’m going to trust your feelings when you say you’re into me. If I don’t feel your confidence in your demeanor, I can’t trust it and I’m a closed book. 

There’s a difference between pseudo-confidence and honest confidence. I can see through both in the first 30 seconds. I’m from New York—you can’t get anything past me.


When do you feel sexiest?

When my nails are done and I can close the top button on my good jeans. Then it’s a good day!

What’s the secret to a sexy selfie?

Take A LOT. If one ain’t right, consider posting something else.


That’s a new piece of advice. What’s your favorite thing to do in the bedroom?


What should a man never do in the bedroom?

No dutch oven!


Obviously! Any sexy fantasies?

A real woman never kisses and tells!

Fair enough. Lastly, what’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Eating cereal on the couch and watching the reunions of any and all reality TV shows.


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