What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Noel Leon

“Men have a tool that I absolutely cannot live without.”

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Models may look stoic and dead sexy for the cameras, but not all take the profession so seriously.

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Bombshell model and former figure skater Noel Leon, for instance, speaks about her current nine-to-five—stripping down and flaunting her outrageously curvaceous figure for her 832,000 Instagram followers—with a frisky sense of humor. 

“I began modeling after several ‘modeling scouts’ in L.A. approached me. Extremely insecure, I was certain the scouts were just trying to get in my pants,” Noel told us. “As I booked more and more modeling jobs, however, I began to finally feel confident in my own skin.”

“I can never take myself too seriously, though because I learned of all my modeling skills from Zoolander!”

He certainly taught her well. Noel’s blue-steel selfies and underboob-heavy photo shoots have been lighting up the Internet, day and night. That’s why we just had to catch up with the bodacious beauty for her sex and dating advice.

Which is when we learned she is openly bisexual. “I don’t really care if my bisexuality is a turn-on or turn-off because I can’t change who I am,” Noel told us, clearly giving zero fucks.

“It’s actually sexually liberating to no longer feel the need to conform to archetypical gender roles. 

But she also told us all about her idea date, how to successfully slide into her DMs, and her naughtiest sex fantasy. Listen up.

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Has anyone ever successfully slid into your DMs?
Yes, several have. The girl I’ve been dating for the past year I actually met via DM.

Got any DM-sliding tips?
If you’re trying to get a girl’s attention via DM, ask her interesting questions that show you actually want to get to know her. Every single other guy sends the typical “Yo wassup sexy,” which doesn’t really spike interest.  

Terrible. What’s the secret to a sexy selfie?
People can tell if you feel sexy or not—it’s an essence you exude into the camera. A photo tells a thousand words. So let yourself feel sexy and you’ll have a sexy selfie!  

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What gets a better response from your followers, boob pics or butt pics?

Boob pics always get a better response from my followers than butt pics. Although, I’ve been squatting like crazy recently and doing brutal butt exercises with my trainer. So, I’ll be posting more butt pics very soon! 

We can’t wait. What’s your ideal date?
My ideal date is doing something together that sparks adrenaline: skydiving, heli-skiing, four wheeling in sand dunes, laser tag, etc. Being in situations outside of each others’ comfort zone is also an amazing opportunity to get to know the person you’re dating! 

Sounds intense. When do you feel sexiest?
Running on the beach, while feeling the wind on my face, sun on my cheeks, sand in my toes… having pushed past my perceived physical limitations is when I feel the absolute sexiest and most alive.

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Speaking of which, what’s your favorite thing to do in the bedroom?
I love naked tantric yoga with a sexy partner. 

What should your partner never do in the bedroom?
A man or woman should never feel comfortable enough to burp or fart in front of me, no matter how long we’ve been dating. 

So rude. Any sexy fantasies?
My fantasies are always changing. This week I’m really into having sex in spontaneous situations or places, whenever the mood strikes.  

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What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
My guiltiest pleasure is listening NPR, national public radio. It’s embarrassing how many hours I have it on in the background of my every day life.

Is your bisexuality a turn-on for a lot of guys?
There are certain attributes in a woman that I’m extremely attracted to which a man can never have. This occasionally makes a guy I’m dating extremely insecure. However, for most men, my bisexuality is definitely a turn-on.

What do you prefer about a woman to a man and vice versa?
Woman are just beautiful, sensual and perfect creatures in my opinion, but men have a tool that I absolutely cannot live without. 

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