What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Riley Sawyer

“I can’t say any of my pleasures make me feel guilty.”

When figure skating-related injuries forced Riley Sawyer to give up her dream of becoming a professional athlete, the Toronto-based beauty set her sights on a full-time modeling career. 

Clearly, it was the right move. 


Though she’s not yet old enough to legally order a drink, Sawyer has already found local celebrity as the No. 1-voted “Sunshine Girl” by Toronto Sun readers for four months running, made a bikini-clad appearance during a product pitch on Dragon’s Den (think Canadian Shark Tank), and clinched third place in her “Maxim Cover Girl” competition group. 

“I’m only 19 years old, so this is just the beginning for me,” she recently told us. 

Read on to learn about Sawyer’s ideal date, celebrity crush and more. 


How can a man catch your attention?

By staying humble, kind, positive and honest. I cannot stand men who talk themselves up to impress me—lets just say it doesn’t work. 

Being a former competitive athlete, I tend to have eyes for other athletes. I find something so sexy about a man with passion, determination and patience…along with the fit body that comes along with being an athlete. 

What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

The worst is when a guy DMs me on Instagram and says we matched on Tinder or Bumble. I don’t have either so I know we didn’t, and the fact he has to lie to get my attention is a major red flag. 

How do you let a man know you’re interested?

I’ll tell a guy if I like him so we’re on the same page. If I’m going out of my way to make plans and spend time with someone, it obviously means I like him. Life is just too damn short to be playing games.

Tell us about your ideal date. 

I’m not one to sit still for long, so I am not a huge fan of restaurant or movie dates. My ideal date would include a walk on the beach where I bring my dogs, followed by him teaching me how to play his sport or me teaching him how to skate.

What about a man turns you on the most?

I like a guy who doesn’t feel the need to brag and show off because he knows his worth and doesn’t need to seek attention from others. I also think it is so sexy when a man shows off his girlfriend, as loyalty is so rare these days.


When do you feel sexiest?

I feel sexiest when I am happy, and I’m happiest when I am in the sun, have a glowing tan, and there are positive influences around me (including my chihuahua). 

Being around people that spread nothing but good vibes makes me feel good about myself and happy in my skin. I am a big believer in girls empowering one another. Today’s society can influence girls to be someone they’re not, especially due to social media’s unrealistic expectations.

Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

My celebrity crush is Noah Centineo. Not only is he an extremely talented actor, I find his tan so sexy, especially when he has his shirt off.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the bedroom?

When I’m not dressing up my chihuahua, I like listening to music or even just cuddling and doing whatever comes next…

What should a man never do in the bedroom?

I don’t put up with a man who kicks my dog off of the bed for a spot. My dog comes first, and if he can’t find room to cuddle my dog too, then that’s just too bad.

A man who’s glued to his phone is also a major NO—his attention should be on me.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

I can’t say any of my pleasures make me feel guilty. 


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