What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Vlada Yurkova

“To give my boyfriend a heart attack from pleasure.”


Stunning brunette Vlada Yurkova hails from Belarus, a landlocked Eastern European country where there are sadly no beaches for bikini photo shoots.

“From childhood, I heard that I was gonna be a model,” Vlada told us. “When I was 14 years old, my mother sent me to modeling school.” 

Her gamble paid dividends. The 5’10” knockout is now based in Los Angeles, where she is free to stun in swimwear shoots with photographers like Scott Bonnie and, even better, engage in our anything-goes dating culture.

(Photo: Scott Bonnie/Hollywood Model Management)

Below, the beautiful Belarusian told us how to catch her attention, why you should definitely slide into her DMs and her ultimate (and potentially fatal) sex fantasy. Listen up.

How can a man catch your attention?
He has to be a gentleman.


Got it. What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
It was like, “Hey babe, I’ll give you thousands. Come to me.” I directly blocked him.


Terrible. How do you let a man know you’re interested?
My eyes will let him know.


What’s your ideal date?
Without sex! 


What about a man turns you on the most?
Brain, watch and shoes.


So you like some flash… When do you feel sexiest?
When a man looks into my eyes.


Have you ever met a man in your Instagram DMs?
Yes, he invited me on some vacation. I answered, “So rude!” After 20 minutes he said he would fly to me, and he did. After 10 hours we met, and we were together for two years.


Wow, so it does work! Got any DM-sliding tips? 
Yes, girls want attention. That’s why they are trying to be to attractive.


Interesting. What’s your favorite thing to do in the bedroom?


What should a man never do in the bedroom?
Please don’t eat in my bed!


Any sexy fantasies?
To give my boyfriend a heart attack from pleasure.


Wild. What’s a crazy fact about you no one knows?
I can be too wild.


For more of Vlada Yurkova, follow her on Instagram or check out her portfolio with Hollywood Model Management.