When Hot Girls and Bad Athletes Collide

These ladies have more looks in their little finger than their athlete partners have talent in their whole body.

These ladies have more looks in their little finger than their shoddy athlete partners have talent in their whole body.

Being a pro athlete is a pretty sweet deal. Besides the money, the cars, and the admirers, our pros tend to do pretty well with the ladies. In fact, some of them are doing so well that they may have lost a step in their game. Maybe some of them never had that step, but can spit game better than they can play it. Whatever the case, these remarkably average athletes were able to lock down ladies far above their pay grade.

Kelsi Reich (David Nelson)

This wide receiver’s most notable moment was hugging Kelsi after scoring against the team she was cheerleading for. This gal is working with Jerry Rice-grade appeal; it’s time for an upgrade.

Elsa Benitez (Rony Seikaly)

This swimsuit cover model did not go for the top class of basketball player when she went for Rony Seikaly, although he was the top class of Lebanese basketball players. He must be really good on the wheels of steel. 

Michelle Marsh (Will Haining)

This first tier looker has showed up on the cover of UK’s Maxim, while her husband is currently kicking around the third tier of English soccer. That’s a two-tier differential!

Carrie Prejean (Kyle Boller)

This beauty queen has made some missteps in her career, but her husband barely had a career to have a misstep in.  

Alex Morgan (Servando Carrasco)

This athletic looker beats out her significant other in both appearance and abilities, putting a significant dent in the talent pool of the USWNT as well as our browser history.

Adriana Lima (Marko Jaric)

Marko Jaric barely made an imprint on the NBA, spending most of his dwindling career abroad. But really, even Michael Jordan’s talent wouldn’t surpass this Brazilian’s beauty.

Jennifer Ellison (Robbie Tickle)

This is another beauty that has seen the pages of Maxim, and she’s shacking up with Robbie Tickle, a boxer whose Google results yield more about her than him. C

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