Where Is She Now: Sonia Kohli

From Hometown Hotties to next famous face you’ll want to see everywhere.

As a smoldering one-time Hometown Hotties contestant Sonia Kohli, now a full time model, comes full circle with Maxim for a photo shoot that will remind everyone why she was easy to vote for. Born in India and raised in the NYC metro area, Sonia may be the next famous face to hit the scene but she’ll always been our Hometown Hottie.

What was your Hometown Hotties experience like?
It was an amazing experience to work the Maxim team. I had blast!

What have you been up to since your stint as one of America’s hottest?

I’ve been working on my modeling career and have come a long way. I just did a book with Scott Barnes, About Face, alongside Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. I also did a Hornitos tequila commercial. Now I’m back here on Maxim and I’m very excited about that!

What’s one thing you thing you want out of your career?

There are actually two things—it’s hard to pick! I would like to see my billboard in Times Square and I’d like to be a Bond girl in a James Bond movie.

So you had an interesting trip our studio for this shoot. What happened?
On my way into the studio I ran into a guy who asked me to marry him and have kids with him. I didn’t think it required a response so I just kept walking. If I said ‘no’ to every [guy] and get paid for it I could be rich by now—not saying that in a cocky way, I hope you understand.