Why Carly Craig Hates Valentine’s Day

February 14th is not a day the Hall Pass hottie looks forward to.

February 14th is not a day the Hall Pass hottie looks forward to.

To put it bluntly: not a fan. I like the idea of it. It’s supposed to be a day of celebrating love, but it’s somehow become this consumer holiday that has so much stress attached to it, romance goes out the window. I understand the pressures that go along with Valentine’s Day because of my own experience that helped me realize how silly it really is.

When I was 19, I celebrated my first Valentine’s Day while being in a relationship. I was so excited, but didn’t know what the rules were. What should I get him, or was I even supposed to get him something? I didn’t make very much money then, so I decided to cook a three-course meal. Problem was, I’d never really cooked a big meal like that and didn’t know what I was doing. I spent the entire day preparing. I went to the 99-cent store to try to save money on fun little Valentine’s Day decorations around the house, but came outside to a $60 parking ticket. Then, I picked out some really sexy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. There’s another $100. I stopped by the store for the food on the way home ($100). I cooked the entire day. Trying to time out a three-course meal for the first time is quite a task. I hung up the Happy Valentine’s Day banner, stuck little hearts all over the room and lit an array of candles. The place looked so romantic.

My boyfriend showed up half an hour late with a Victoria’s Secret box in hand. Dinner was tasty, but stressful because I spent each course worrying about the following one and hoping I wouldn’t give him Salmonella or something. The day somehow became all about him. Afterwards, I got to open my present. I unwrapped the pink Victoria’s Secret Box and inside was a lime green colored bra and underwear set that wasn’t even the right size and not really my style either. Doesn’t he know that if you don’t know your girlfriend’s size, (which is bad enough) you should always buy smaller?

As I walk out of the bathroom after I changed into my new, baggy thong underwear and bra, my body suddenly started getting hot. Literally. My whole face turned bright red and I was blasted with a 102 temperature. It was the start of a horrible flu that lasted an entire week. I couldn’t even move. So after my exhausting day of hard work to make sure my boyfriend knew he was loved on Valentine’s Day, he decided to go home when my fever hit because he didn’t want to catch it. At the end of the day, I had spent almost $300, was alone in my bed, dying, and all I had to show for it was a too big, lacy lingerie set that I’d never actually wear.

I love cooking for my boyfriend, wearing lingerie, going out to dinner, making love…but, I don’t like it when I’m doing it only because it’s Valentine’s Day and I “have to.” Now, I don’t date assholes and I definitely don’t stress about Valentine’s Day.

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Photos by Dean Foreman