Some Very Carefree Girls Got Naked at the Club to Win an iPhone

Steve Jobs would be so proud.

Russians – they’re always up to something. Whether they’re smashing things with sledgehammers or setting themselves on fire and leaping off rooftops, it’s never a dull moment. That’s why we weren’t really surprised when this video surfaced of two young women leaving it all on the dance floor at a nightclub in Berezniki. And yes, we’re talking about their clothes.

The impromptu de-robed duet was apparently part of a contest to win an iPhone 5s. We’d understand if it were a 6s, but the 5s? Maybe not.

Then again, a pair of Levi’s was like a golden ticket back in Soviet times, so perhaps this is just the latest sign of a Putin-era Cold War comeback.

Pay special attention to the MC, who with one swift motion completely foils the first dancer’s attempt to cover herself with an item of lingerie. For their sake, we really hope they won the phone.

Photos by YouTube