Check Out the Women Of This Cheeky NSFW Instagram For Butt Selfies From Around the World

They could have just called it "Moon Shots."

Everyone likes to stop and take naked butt pics in public places when they travel, right? Just kidding, depending on where you are that could be a quick way to get arrested and accused of something indecent. That doesn't necessarily stop the fearless folks contributing pics to the @cheekyexploits, though. 

So far, the Instagram account has just over 180 posts and has accrued a very solid 130,000-plus followers. Fair warning if you haven't clicked through yet, though—men and women are almost equally well-represented. 

While we can appreciate the courage of all those submitting their naked rear-ends to for Instagram's judgment, it's hard not to wonder how long it will be before someone does get in trouble for this. 

In the meantime, we'll focus on the women bravely playing fast and loose with Instagram's nudity rules and putting their belfies out there, because some of them are pretty damn great.