Celebrate ‘National Orgasm Day’ With These Arty Photos of Women Having Orgasms

Don’t you just love art?


(Photo: Albert Pocej)

In the professional world, there are cool jobs, like rocket scientist or professional bacon taster. And then there are really cool jobs. Lithuanian photographer Albert Pocej, for example, has a really cool job. For work, he recently photographed women “reaching the highest point of physical pleasure.”

In case you’re not following, he took pictures of women as they were orgasming. I don’t know about you, but I think that sounds like a pretty awesome work day.

(All photos: Albert Pocej)

“I simply woke up and I knew I just had to do it. So I tried to explore the female orgasm through a photography experiment,” Pocej said.

“When I finally found 20 women that were ready to take part in this project, some of them refused to continue when I told them that it will not be acting, and some of them weren’t able to relax already while shooting. So at the end there were only 15 left.”

And, in case you thought you were being deceived, have no fear. All those O-faces are genuine. “I didn’t want this project to be a cliché, I didn’t want any acting – just the real feeling as it is. Every human being is different, so are their orgasms.”

Check out the rest of the pictures here.

This post was first published in 2016.