Women of the World: Carol Prates

From the pages of Maxim Brazil, it’s Carol Prates!

You won Maxim Brazil’s cover contest. Congrats!

Ah, I was so happy. A few years ago I gave up the idea of modeling. I couldn’t stand the pressure anymore of having to become thinner. I started studying dentistry. I was seeing another path…

That could have been quite a tragedy.

In the fashion shows, I was always the one who had the most body. But I love eating, so I decided to just accept this; I am very happy with the body I have.

What do you look for in a guy, physically speaking?

Look, I’m kind of nuts about this…I look at ears.

And what would an attractive ear be like?

I panic about big ones. If the guy is young and already has big ears, they’ll grow with age, right? I like smaller ears.