Women of the World: Pexkey-Chayanee Phongphaew

Thai one on!

Thai One On!

From the pages of Maxim Thailand, it’s Pexkey-Chayanee Phongphaew!

You were voted Thailand’s Sexiest Woman of 2010. How does it feel?

This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Before they made the announcement, I could not breathe. My friends and my mom came to cheer for me. I almost couldn’t hold back my tears of joy.

We hear you’re single.

Yes, for a while now! I just haven’t found a guy who meets my specs. And the truth is, I do not feel comfortable talking to strangers, especially with a guy who is trying to get my attention. [laughs] If a guy wants to ask me out, he has to show me his sincerity, be himself, and be a gentleman.

Any other advice for potential suitors out there?

I would like to say that you should always treat women with kindness.