Check Out the Natural Hotties Who Celebrated World Naked Gardening Day On Instagram

That's one way to go green.
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There was a World Naked Gardening Day, and we wish we'd heard of it sooner, because it made Instagram pretty awesome. The 2017 celebration of going au naturel among the squash and tomato plants was Saturday, and fortunately many of those participating were curvy and looked great wearing nothing but a smile and a watering can. 

The event was inaugurated nearly 12 years ago by an editor for Nude & Natural magazine (yes, there's a magazine) and a "body freedom" advocate. In 2011 the founders spoke with the TODAY Show about their intentions and said they "figured that if people tried gardening naked once, they would smile." 

It's not about getting arrested for indecency just for watering the begonias in the buff. A participant told TODAY it was "about body acceptance and being one with nature on your own. ... We actually do these events in secluded areas, so as not to be exhibitionist."

Well, some people do it in secluded areas, anyway. Fortunately they then choose to post pics of themselves working the good earth online. Check out a selection of some of the best below.

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