'World's Hottest Weather Girl' Yanet Garcia Shuts Down Gamer Ex's Gold Digger Claim

"I believe in justice and bravery and that is why I’m pointing out the lies that I’m not willing to accept."
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Yanet Garcai Break Up Promo

Yanet Garcia, the so-called "World's Hottest Weather Girl" and former Maxim Mexico cover model, is proof that being Internet famous doesn't always translate into a smooth love life. 

The Mexican beauty is defending herself against her 23-year-old pro gamer ex, Doug “FaZe Censor” Martin, who was famously ridiculed for claiming he broke up with Garcia to practice Call of Duty. Now, she's firing back at him for saying she demanded a cut of his social media revenues.

Garcia has used her popular Instagram account to issue a seven-point response directed at "the whole media, digital press, and general audiences." saying that Martin "has decided to change unconditional love for money or monetizing it as social platforms now call it."

"I believe in justice and bravery and that is why I’m pointing out the lies that I’m not willing to accept," Garcia writes.

“I cannot recognize the person I was in love with."

Martin was mercilessly trolled after the couple split by many who pretty much couldn't believe he'd initiate a breakup with a stunner like Garcia. He published a video in which he said that "Everything started to turn" in the relationship when he "mentioned to her how much money could be made on YouTube and being a YouTuber."

Garcia, he said, then "wanted to get a percentage of [revenue from] the videos I was making."

For her part, Garcia says in her Insta post that she is "working every day for economic independence" and doesn't need to "depend on anyone else in any sense." She cites projects such as as European film titled Bellezonismo and Syfy's Sharknado. (Who knew Sharknado paid that much?)

She closes her statement with, "If God is with me, who [is] against me?"

Garcia has more than 7.8 million followers and thousands have already liked the post, so it looks like she's got plenty who are with her in addition to God. Anyone who's ever spent some time on her Insta at all is probably on her side as well.