WWE Star Paige Responds To Her Stolen Nudes and Sex Videos Being Leaked Online

These hackers deserve a beat-down.


Paige (Photo: Getty Images)

WWE diva and possible future MMA fighter Paige is as tough as she is hot, but she’s been victimized by hackers and decided to address the issue on her Twitter account. 

The Sun reports the hackers somehow compromised Paige’s phone and were able to access the British wrestling superstar’s most intimate images, including video of her “with two separate male wrestlers.”

There were reportedly several more equally NSFW private recordings of Paige with other male partners in addition to photos of “her flashing and posing in selfies taken in the bathroom.”

Paige at work 

Paige isn’t alone. In the last couple of weeks hackers working through iCloud have obtained and leaked private photos and videos of Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson

Seyfried and Watson are taking legal action to get the images under control but it can be nearly impossible once they’ve spread across the internet to deliver all the take-down notices necessary to do that. 

Hopefully there are legal consequences for the hackers in the future. As Paige’s mom—one-time British wrestling star Saraya Knight—said in a tweet of her own, it’s not the Diva’s fault this happened to her. 

No matter how public someone’s life may seem, everyone has a right to keep some things to themselves.

h/t The Sun