Pro Gamer Loses ‘Call of Duty’ Championship Despite Breaking Up With World’s Sexiest Weather Girl to Practice

“I wanna cry man. This feeling is the worst.”

Yanet Garcia Breakup Promo 2
Left: Rodrigo Palma for Maxim Mexico

The pro gamer who infamously ended his relationship with Yanet Garcia, aka the “world’s sexiest weather girl,” to spend more time playing Call of Duty tweeted that he’s “heartbroken.” 

But Douglas “FaZe Censor” Martin isn’t upset because he lost Maxim Mexico’s former cover model. His emotional torment was spawned by his team’s failure to win the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship.

“I came back this year and said I was winning champs,” he announced on Twitter following the loss. “I feel so bad. Really thought our team could do it.”   

“I wanna cry man,” he added. “This feeling is the worst.”

Even in the face of defeat, Martin maintained that his devotion to CoD is more important than rekindling his romance with Garcia.

“And no I don’t want Yanet back please stop with the memes already,” he wrote in another tweet. “I’m a gamer and I’m winning champs in Black Ops 4.” 

Bold move. While Martin is busy training for next year’s video game tourney, check out his ex’s eye-popping Maxim Mexico cover shoot in the gallery above and her most stunning recent Instagram posts below: