Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl Yanet Garcia Just Posted a Super Sexy Cooking Video

Muy caliente.
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When we first learned that Yanet Garcia, a.k.a. Mexico's hottest weather girl, had a Youtube channel, we knew we were in for a treat. Turns out that's almost literally true. Daily Star noted that Yanet recently posted the video of her baking her first brownies ever and commenters and just about anyone with ears might agree—it sounds like the best porn flick ever made without actual porn.

Fun trick: just close your eyes around the middle of the video and it will turn into something completely different in your imagination. 

Of course this is Yanet Garcia, a regional weather girl from Monterrey who became an international star due to pure sex appeal. So if a little lesson in brownie making doesn't do the trick for you, her Youtube and Instagram both still provide a feast for the eyes—even when she's fully-clothed and playing in the snow.

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